kuroisaurus whispered:
one time there was a frog in our yard. one of our cats soon noticed the frog and out of curiousity he went and patted the frog on it's head like "hello what are you". the frog just started to scream and left our cat confused. powerful frog screech.

powerful frog


Selected works by artist on tumblr Head Like an Orange

My name is Marinus and I’m a 29-year-old from Dutchland. (sometimes referred to as the Netherlands)

 artist find at actegratuit

Anonymous whispered:
My brother once stepped on a frog at an amusement park. I was able to see its guts all over the pavement

considered a delicacy in various parts of europe

hollehmonstah whispered:
My granddad used to own an allotment that had a little pond in at the back and there was a frog that lived there. Seeing said froggy was the highlight of each and every trip to his allotment.


lil frog probably said hi to you when you visited!!! frogs are known for their general politeness and greeting guests to their ponds (they keep them very well kept for visitors!! by frog standards that it)

kettugasm whispered:
it's not a frog story, but once I saw this tortoise upside down in a neighbor's yard on the way home from middle school. I knew I couldn't leave it even if it meant walking into someone else's yard. So i said screw it and rescued the poor guy<3 I've also rescued a few frogs from a few pools, so hey, frogs <3333 (we live next to a little marsh and you can hear the frogs chirp all night long, it's so lovely)

poor lil dude! i bet that tortoise was grateful for that, it mightve said thank you in tortoise language

lil thank u!!!!

also lucky! i want to lice where i can hear frogs, i live in the city all i hear is trains

aedeagus whispered:
theres this frog that lives in my dad's old boot and sometimes it comes out and ill poke its butt, v cool frog

cool frog has a chill day

captiveponies whispered:
ok so I used to have these little animal toys that were really cute and you wind them up and they jump. but for some reason like the frog was defective and I would wind it up and it wouldnt jump unless I like hit it or poke it a few times THEN it would pop up, so i'll be sitting there cringing as I poke it a few times and until it suddenly jumped and it made me cry

i had one like that it was a dog one time it sprung up, hit me in the face, and i never touched it again

it was a simpler time